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Il-Fiera l-Kbira event details

Step right up to the most anticipated and BIGGEST FAIR of the year, 

 il-Fiera l-Kbira.

Join us for a day of non-stop entertainment, delicious food, exciting exhibits, games, and music.

With something for everyone, it's the perfect family outing that you won't want to miss!

Do you want to be part of this years' edition?

Contact us on +356 99008833 or send us a message.

Fiera Kbira Site Map with all the sections

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Check out all the sections that make this year's event the biggest and best yet. Be part of the il-Fiera l-Kbira with your brand, book your space!
Leisure and Adventures event section

1. Leisure and Adventures

This section offers a diverse range of products for leisure and adventure activities such gear and accessories for sports like running, cycling, and swimming, fishing as well as camping equipment and quadbikes.

Sustainable Agri Farming event section

2. Sustainable Agri Farming

A dedicated section with a variety of products, services, and information related to sustainable farming practices such as eco-friendly farming equipment, tools, supplies and the latest eco-farming systems.

Sustainable homes

3. Ekodjar

This years’ 3rd season of EKODJAR - a TV by Danusan involves building an actual house at Montekristo which will be open for the public to visit during the fair. This space is dedicated to all things eco-friendly and sustainable housing which shall be used to construct and finish the house. Visitors will find a carefully curated selection of materials, products, and services designed to help them build a home that is not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Fitness and Nutrition event section fitness equiment and healthy living

4. Fitness and Nutrition

A wide range of products and services aimed at improving overall health and wellbeing. These may include fitness equipment, supplements, workout apparel, and

wellness products.

Pets Area and pets accessories and items

5. Pets Area

An area dedicated for our fury friends, having a variety of pet food, toys, accessories, and grooming products. This section of the area will also feature a designated dog park, where pets can have fun and play alongside their owners.

Motor, cars and marine products

6. Motor and Marine

A section for anything related to cars, motorbikes, and boats. In this section there will also be a display of vehicles ranging from cars and powerful motorcycles to impressive boats, jet skis  and related products.

Family Business showcasing their product

7. Family Business

This dedicated area is specifically designed for family businesses to showcase their products and services. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide

range of offerings from family-owned and operated businesses across a variety of industries.

Fashion section clothing, shoes, catwalk

8. Glam Palace

The Palace will be transformed into a glamorous space, featuring everything related to fashion, from clothing to jewellery, handbags, shoes, and other fashion accessories. The main attraction will be a stunning catwalk designed to host fashion launches, as well as a sophisticated bar area serving chic and stylish drinks and cocktails.

Weddings and Events events section, all you need to organise an event

9. Weddings and Events

In this space there will be everything one needs to plan for a special occasion related to wedding and events.

Health Care equipment

10. (A) Health Care Zone

An area for the latest products and equipment, services, and information related to self-care.

My Wellbeing products and services

10. (B) My Wellbeing

In this section expect to find vendors selling health and wellness products, such as Med-Aesthetic treatments, and the latest wellness solutions.

Cooking show and kitchen products

11. D'Kitchen Store

D’Kitchen section offers a one-stop-shop for all the kitchen needs, featuring a wide range of products and accessories related to cooking and food preparation. An addition to shopping, the kitchenware section may also feature a cooking show, where fair exhibitors can showcase their products through cooking.

Interior design products

12. Home Styling

A section where visitors will find everything they need to decorate their home's interior, from decorative accents and artwork to furniture and lighting.

Kids area and kids products

13. Kids Space

An exciting space for kids where they can play and have fun, while adults can find all things related to parenthood and children. This section features a wide selection of children's clothing, toys, and accessories, as well as products for parents, such as baby gear and nursing supplies.

Latest tech products and services, gaming and house tech products

14. Tech Hub

Here one shall find the latest technology products and services. This will include the latest tech gadgets, high tech home equipment, gaming consoles, computer hardware and software, virtual reality devices, and mobile gaming accessories.

Career opportunities and education and training

15. Career Hub

For visitors seeking career opportunities, education and training, and professional development.

Book fair, book reading section for kids

16. The Book Fest

The ideal space for book lovers of all ages and interest. A vast selection of books, ranging from popular fiction and non-fiction titles to academic and books from local

authors. The space also features a dedicated corner for kids with storytelling and book reading.

Do you want to be part of this years' edition?

Contact us on +356 99008833 or send us a message.

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